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"ZW3D makes your imagination touchable, merges your ideas with hybrid technology and exposes the forms you want to create." 

Rui Ferreira Job, CAD Director at Moldegama

Packed with flexible 3D modeling, streamlined mold design & smart CNC machining, ZW3D can help you to reduce costs, optimize design workflow and improve productivity.

  • Exchange data with other mainstreams seamlessly, like, Catia, Solidworks, NX, Inventor, Creo, DWG, DXF etc. 
  • Shorten learning curve for beginners with office style UI. 
  • Streamline product development process from design to machining. 
  • Simplify product design with flexible tools powered by Solid-surface hybrid modeling. 
  • Offer 2-5X quick machining through an intelligent milling strategy.

Why ZW3D

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